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Tower Tours

On selected dates from the spring to the autumn, you can take a tour to the upper levels of the Cathedral. See behind the scenes and enjoy the view from one of the tallest towers in Peterborough.

What do you see?

On specific dates, these tours provide the opportunity to access areas where the public is usually not admitted.View of the Presbytery from the Tower Gallery by Tower Guide Geoffrey Gent

Tower Tours

On the way up, we explore narrow spiral staircases, admire the details of the architecture, artwork and stained glass close-up from the Triforium, cross the North Transept ceiling, take in the internal views from the gallery of the Crossing Tower and then ascend to the roof, next to the flag-pole.

Take a short breather here to get your bearings and scrutinise the views of Peterborough. On a good day, see if you can spot Ely Cathedral on the far horizon!

Heading back down inside the Crossing Tower, we take you along the length of the Nave roof to see the North West Tower, including the ringing chamber and the medieval windlass. Finally, we cross the delicate but giant gothic vaults 25m above the ground over the West Front and stand inside the famous western Portico, before safely descending and concluding the tour.  The tour is approximately 90 minutes long. 

Rooftop Tours

Not enough time for the full tour?  Interested in views and photo opportunities?  Try the Rooftop tour.  This tour takes you through the Bell Chamber on the way across the Nave roof, where the fire wardens saved the Cathedral from two incendiary bombs during WWII, to the roof of the central tower.  Here there is plenty of time to admire the view of the city, see if you can spot Ely Cathedral off in the distance, and take all the photos you want.  On the way back down, you will see the 12th century windlass, which was used to lift the heavy stones up to where the stonemasons were building walls, towers, and arches high above the ground.   The tour is approximately 45 minutes long.


Additional dates for later in the season will be added in the near future.

   Saturday 27th May 2017 NOW FULLY BOOKED ​1:30pm Tower Tour
   Wednesday 31st May 2017 NOW FULLY BOOKED 1:30pm Tower Tour
   Saturday 3rd June 2017 1:30pm Tower Tour
   Saturday 17th June 2017 HERITAGE FESTIVAL 11:30am Tower Tour
   Saturday 17th June 2017 HERITAGE FESTIVAL 6:30pm Evening Rooftop Tour
   Sunday 18th June 2017 HERITAGE FESTIVAL 12:30pm Rooftop Tour
   Sunday 18th June 2017 HERITAGE FESTIVAL 2:00pm Rooftop Tour
   Saturday 22nd July 2017 11:00am Tower Tour
   Saturday 22nd July 2017 1:30pm Tower Tour
   Wednesday 26th July 2017 1:30pm Tower Tour
   Saturday 29th July 2017 11:00am Tower Tour
   Saturday 29th July 2017 1:30pm Tower Tour


Important Note

For insurance purposes, we are only allowed to take a maximum of 13 people up the tower at one time, so you are advised to book in advance to avoid disappointment on the day. Two guides must accompany you up the tower.

Also, we are not allowed to take any children up the tower who are under 10 years old.

Realistically, given steep and narrow spiral staircases, plus the odd medieval beam to negotiate, and the absence of hand rails in one section of the ascent, visitors need to have a certain level of stamina, fitness and a forgiveness for ancient buildings. Again, as part of our insurance undertakings, we ask each person going up the tower to read, agree and sign this short disclaimer. Without it we cannot take you up.  Large rucksacks or bags are not allowed on tower tours.  We will provide a safe storage location. 

Booking and further information

The tower tour lasts around 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

Tower Tour tickets are £10 for adults and £8 concessions.

Book tickets online through our Shop or via Peterborough Visitor Information Centre, 41 Bridge Street, Peterborough PE1 1HJ (01733 452336).

Any remaining tickets may be purchased at the start time of the tour from the Welcome Desk inside the Cathedral. As numbers are strictly limited, advanced booking is recommended.

For more information, please contact:

Lisa Foulkes-Arnold
(01733) 355316.