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Gary, Security and Live Streaming Volunteer

To anyone that is considering applying to volunteer at the Cathedral the only thing I would really say is “do it”. At the interview stage Charlotte (our volunteer coordinator) is amazing at finding the right opportunity for the right person, so you will be guaranteed to find yourself in a volunteer role that suits your personality, interests and likes. Once in post you will find that everyone within the Cathedral family will make you feel extremely welcome and values. No one is ever too busy to help you and you will also learn so much about the building and Cathedral life. I see joyfulness everywhere in the Cathedral. It is the only organisation that I have ever worked in (as an employee or volunteer) where everyone always has a smile on their face and shows a genuine warmth for each other at all times. Everyone I have encountered goes that extra mile to ensure that the Cathedral can accept all worshipers and visitors in a manner where that joy and love can embrace them, as it does everyone that works within the Cathedral.

Isabel, School Visits volunteer

What I enjoy most about volunteering is being part of a team that can share not only the wonderful history of our Cathedral, but also the good news of our Christian faith. It is so rewarding, seeing the children enjoying the experience and the wonderful crafts they all make.

This Christmas, school groups have been in to discover more about the Christmas story ... . As I say, this is a privilege – a joy, in fact!  More than 200 youngsters will have had this experience by the time we finish and all those involved have been richly blessed too.

Mark Dalrymple-Smith, Head Server

If you are considering volunteering at the Cathedral you should definitely give it a try. There are so many opportunities from the spiritual contribution made by servers, readers and intercessors to the more practical contributions made by guides, gardeners and flower arrangers. What ever time and skills you have, there will be a role that you will really enjoy and where you will make a real difference.

Haytham, T.rex Exhibition Volunteer

'I think the most enjoyable part of volunteering at the Cathedral is getting to meet new people from all walks of life, all with different reasons for visiting. The Cathedral really is open to all and it’s evident that the people of Peterborough and beyond know this, from the diversity of people that come through the doors. This just wouldn’t be possible without the warmth and passion for this great place that is held by the staff and volunteers.’

Maureen, Volunteer Guide and Welcomer

I would recommend volunteering at the Cathedral to anyone as this is a wonderful setting in which to work and there are many different roles where help is needed and therefore something to suit everyone. You also work with other volunteers who share your interests whether this is love of history, architecture or just this lovely building. There are also opportunities for those who like working with their hands i.e embroidery and gardening. 

Many visitors come to the various events at the Cathedral, and some just to enjoy the space, but I have learned whilst working as a welcomer that all are welcome here and this place brings solace and peace to many who come at difficult times in their lives. Many have thanked us for just being here, and that certainly makes being a Cathedral volunteer really worthwhile.'

Adele, Volunteer Chorister Chaperone

'I have loved being a part of the Cathedral community over the last ten years. Everyone is so warm and welcoming, and to volunteer in such an magnificent building is a real privilege. Being around the choristers is a real joy. Witnessing their different characters before a service, some lively and enthusiastic, others quiet and calm, come together to sing so beautifully and professionally is a joy to me!'

Helena, Bell Ringing Master


''It is very rewarding being part of such an historic yet forward thinking cathedral, I have been amazed at the wide variety of different events that the cathedral puts on, it is wonderful to see this beautiful building open to all on so many occasions. Joyfulness is demonstrated at the Cathedral in the willingness to embrace new ventures, host unusual events and welcome new communities, individuals and ages. It is a wonderfully inclusive community, which I think has a lot to teach the wider church.  Bells are part of this joyfulness.Who can honestly say they don’t find the sound of church bells on Christmas morning joyful and the ringing on Easter Day a wonderful celebration of the Resurrection.'

If you would like to learn to ring, or just find out more about Bell Ringing, we are always pleased to see new people, just pop along one Monday evening, or drop me an email'

Sue, Volunteer Guide

'The Cathedral contains within its walls, 900 years of prayers, hopes, joy, sadness, comfort and solace. I am not religious myself, but I love the spirituality that is almost tangible. Any person who recognises the special nature of this church and its surroundings could be very happy in a volunteering role, and if they like talking to people, have a good memory for dates and facts, possess an inquiring mind and have time to spare, I thoroughly recommend guiding.'

Trevor, Library Volunteer

'Although being in a Cathedral atmosphere, there are times when we simply enjoy a good laugh and sharing of our experiences, and isn’t that what we all need?'

Shirley, Welcome Desk Volunteer

'I see joyfulness all over the Cathedral. It is a joyous place as soon as you walk in. During Covid, when things seemed dire outside, the Cathedral is a calm constant inside. Visitors often comment on the sense of calm wrapping around them when they enter the Cathedral.'


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