Please note that Evening Prayer will take place at St John's, Cathedral Square on 20th & 22nd May at 5.30pm due to a choir recording.

Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals

Although baptisms, weddings and funerals in the Church of England often take place at the local parish church, the Cathedral is glad to be able to offer this ministry too.


Who can get married in the Cathedral?

Only those who are in the following groups may marry in the Cathedral:

  • Those on the Cathedral Roll and their children. Eligibility to join the Cathedral Roll is that the person concerned must attend a Cathedral service a minimum of once a month for a continuous period of six months (not just six times).

  • Clergy who would otherwise be eligible to be on the Cathedral Roll and children of these.

  • Residents of the Cathedral Precincts.

  • Current and former Members of the Cathedral Chapter and children of these.

  • Current members of Staff of the Cathedral and former members of staff who have served for ten or more years, and children of these.

  • Former choristers of the Cathedral.

  • Current and former students of The King’s (The Cathedral) School.

  • Current members of staff of The King’s (The Cathedral) School and former members of staff who served for at least ten years.

Exceptions to these criteria are considered on a case by case basis. Full details of the criteria are here: Criteria for getting married at Peterborough Cathedral.

What else do we need to know?

With the exception of those living in the Cathedral Precincts, where banns are called, it is always necessary to apply for an Archbishop's Special Licence to marry in the Cathedral. The Dean's PA will advise you on this process.

There is much information about getting married in the Church of England on the website, although some things will be different at the Cathedral compared to a local parish church.

How much does it cost?

The cost of marrying in Peterborough Cathedral varies, ranging from a simple small-scale service in the North Transept, to a big wedding in the Nave with organist, choir and bellringers, plus various other options in between.

The fees for a wedding in the Cathedral will vary depending on your particular requirements and the space used. A simple, small service will cost less than if you require the full nave and add bells or music etc. When you are enquiring about a wedding, the officiating minister will explain the fees with you at an early stage.

Can we hold our wedding reception here?

Yes. The Cathedral has a number of historic locations that offer a beautiful setting for wedding receptions of various sizes. To discuss this aspect of your day, call 01733 355300 or email:  


Baptism (Christening) usually takes place as part of the main Sunday Eucharist, or as a separate service early on a Sunday afternoon. Often candidates for Confirmation are baptised as part of the Confirmation service. We welcome people of all ages, from infants upwards, to be baptised. There is no charge for this service although donations are welcome.

For more details about Baptism at Peterborough Cathedral, please see Baptism (Christening) at Peterborough Cathedral (pdf)

For more general information about Baptism in the Church of England, and a list of FAQs, please visit

Funeral and memorial services

The Cathedral hosts funeral or memorial services for members of the congregation, for those who have a connection with the Cathedral, and also for those whose service is likely to be attended by large numbers of people and a bigger venue is needed. Fees for these services may be downloaded on the link below.

For more information about Funeral services in the Church of England, please visit

Further information

If you would like to enquire about arranging a baptism, wedding or funeral at the Cathedral, please contact:

The Dean's PA
01733 355316

Finding your parish church

You can find out which parish you are in by typing your postcode in via Find a Church in the Diocese of Peterborough or A Church Near You.

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