Due to our Monsters of the Sea exhibition there is restricted access to some parts of the building and the Cloisters will be closed during this period.

Big Questions

This summer, Peterborough Cathedral invites you to explore the deep, uncharted waters of moral, ethical, and spiritual inquiry with some 'Big Questions', inspired by our captivating exhibition, Monsters of the Sea. Dive into a world where ancient sea creatures stir up not only the imagination but also profound questions that challenge and enrich our understanding of the world. As you journey through the exhibition, you'll encounter awe-inspiring depictions of sea monsters, marine marvels, and the unknown depths that have fascinated humanity for centuries. But this exhibition is more than a display of magnificent beasts and natural wonders; it serves as a springboard for deeper reflection and discussion. Each installation prompts us to consider significant questions about our beliefs, values, and the very essence of our existence...

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